The STM Life Capital Bond Germany is a fully German compliant single premium unit linked investment bond that provides German tax residents with significant tax advantages and wealth structuring opportunities whilst resident in Germany. The STM Life Capital Bond Germany offers the best of both worlds. On one hand the product solution provides all the tax benefits of a German life policy solution and on the other hand it offers the unique investment flexibility of a Gibraltar regulated life company.

The STM Life Capital Bond Germany Key Benefits to expatriates and local clients can be summarised as follows:

  • Fully compliant German life product solution
  • Client individual policy cells (no pooling of client assets)
  • Statutory investor protection – client assets are 100% ringfenced from STM Life assets
  • Tax deferral regardless of chosen policy term
  • Tax free roll up of gains, dividends and interest
  • Tax free switching of funds and investment strategies
  • Addtional tax benefits after having reached age 62 and 12-year policy term
  • Exclusive choice of underlying investments
  • Simple and efficient financial planning tool to mitigate German IHT
  • Policy can be adjusted to changing circumstances (ie moving away from Germany)
  • Available both in English and German language

As an EU product provider with expertise in providing tax efficient product structuring, STM Life is perfectly placed to provide tailored solutions to Affluent and High Net Worth Clients, all within a highly regulated environment that affords the highest level of policyholder protection.



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